Aste Nagusia in San Sebastián

02 August, 2017

It approaches the Big Week of Donostia. In I make concrete the holidays of the Beautiful Easo they will be celebrated this year from August 12 to August 19 and will bring to the city hundreds of activities.

Between the whole programming they fit to emphasize certainly the spectacles of fireworks that are given every night and that Chenoa, La oreja de Van Gogh or Morat congregate in The Shell to all the natives of San Sebastian, concerts of the bands Effect Corridor; the Jump contest of the Racetrack and the pirates’ “Boarding” that turns out to be one of the most multitudinous and enterteining appointments of the week.

52 Heineken Jazzaldia

20 July, 2017

The 52nd edition of the Heineken Jazzaldia is here, and it will bring the best international jazz music to the city.

This year Donostia will assemble more than 80 artists and bands that will play in 17 scenes distributed by the whole city.

Let´s enjoy the music!

New Season at San Sebastián´s Racetrack

06 June, 2017

Last friday, 2nd June started the new season of the Racetrack of San Sebastián. The first days the entrance will be free.

The big day of the season will be The Gold Cup, a test inside the prestigious competition Him Defi du Gallop and that will be celebrated on 15th August.


MICE day in Paris

24 May, 2017

This week Turespaña congregated in the Avenue Hoche of Paris to a group of businessmen and professionals to announce the products that the different communities offer for the tourism MICE.

In this action, San Sebastian was represented by the Convention Bureau of San Sebastian, the Conference Hall Kursaal, the receptive Basque Destination and the Hotel San Sebastian of the group Aránzazu Hoteles.

During the day, the assistants could meet these professionals and know the new options that the destination offers.

IMEX 2017 – Frankfurt

15 May, 2017

From the 16th to the 18th May is taking place in Frankfurt the IMEX 2017 fair, one of the most important ones in Europe for the MICE sector.

The fair assembles participants of all the countries of the world and this year will have figures like more than 3500 exhibitors, 4000 attendants and approximately 65000 meetings.

Aránzazu Hoteles will be there, like in previous editions, and we will be in the stand E300, belonging to Turespaña.

Roadshow in the North of Italy with Basquetour

10 May, 2017

This week, Turespaña organizes 3 consecutive events in the north of Italy. Among other communities, Basque Country also will be present of the hand of Basquetour and Aránzazu Hoteles will share stand with the Basque agency and with the incoming agency of Azul Marino Viajes, Norte Sur Incoming.

The event organized by the Spanish tourism agency, will introduce the destination of Basque Country to the Italian tourism agents in 3 main cities in the north of the country: Bologna, Padua and Milan.

Roadshow Nord de l’Italie avec Basquetour

10 May, 2017

Cette semaine, Turespaña organise 3 évènements consécutifs au nord de l’Italie. Entre d’autres communautés, l’Euskadi sera aussi présent de la main de Basquetour et d’Aránzazu Hoteles partagera stand avec l’agence basque et avec le réceptif de Bleu Marin, du Nord le Sud Incoming.

L’action, organisée par l’agence espagnole de tourisme, rapprochera la destination de l’Euskadi des agents touristiques italiens dans 3 villes principales du nord du pays: Bologne, Padoue et Milan.

Pro Zarautz 2017

21 April, 2017

The Pro Zarautz 2017 championship is celebrated this weekend, inside the Surf World League.

The championship of this year is much more than surf as explained by the organization, Gipuzkoako Surf Federazioa, has they have prepared several events concerning the suf as concerts, movies …. Everything to get to know the culture of the surf and not only the sport.

Easter 2017 in San Sebastián

07 April, 2017

The city of San Sebastian offers an endless number of plans to enjoy of the Easter. Here you will find some of the most important ones:

Gastronomy: many people know the Basque gastronomy but nothing best than taste it as personally and these days are a good opportunity for it. Gipuzkoa have some of the best restaurants of the world, but pintxos in Donostia´s Old Town are also a sure bet.

Nature: Donostia combines to the perfection sea and mountain and one of the most spectacular sights the city can be enjoyed from the Igueldo Mountain. It is the perfect panoramic view.

Shopping: as a capital, Donostia offers good quality shops. We will find fashion shops, jewelleries, toy shops or even Basque crafts.

Guided tours: San Sebastian Tourism offers several tours for these days, to get to know the city in a nice walk.

Happy Easter in Donostia!

Ingenieros – Deusto Ditch (7th April- Bilbao)

03 April, 2017

Next 7th April will take place the 37th Edition of the Ingenieros – Deusto Ditch.

Aránzazu Hotels, as sponsor company of the ditch, will have a space on the river from which we will be able to see the arrival of the winner of both universities.

The tour of the ditch will begin in Erandio (6:30 pm.) and it will finish in the Townhall of Bilbao, covering a distance of four nautical miles (7.408 meters) and a duration brought near between 20 minutes.